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iOS or Rails Engineer
Product Designer

iOS/Rails Engineer

We’re a small team of developers rethinking the way people buy and sell things locally. We're well funded, our users love what we're building, and we do too.

We're a rails/iOS shop, seeking an iOS specialist or hardcore generalist. We're looking for individuals who:

  • Above all, learn quickly
  • Have a strong understanding of everything from optimized PostgreSQL to performance hacking UIWebViews
  • Seek out the latest in tooling, iOS open source or clang features

This is a key technical hire, with significant equity and lots of room to influence the strategic direction of the company. The best fit will probably be someone hoping to be a technical founder in their next role.

Yardsale is based in San Francisco's mission district. If you'd like to hear more please send your github profile or something you've built.

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Product Designer

At our core, we are a design company, and we're in a very unique position to be looking for an extremely talented visual/UI designer to join and lead the design of Yardsale, to build a best of class product together.

About you:

  • You love visual design and want to contribute to pushing the field forward. Elegance, beauty, and usability are key philosophies of your design religion. You're well aware of current trends and you want to push beyond them, create the next Path or Square and change the way folks interact. Forever.
  • You've designed iOS interfaces in past work OR went home and eagerly worked on iOS side projects, because you want to be part of the impact that well-designed touch interfaces are having on the world.
  • You have a highly professional creative process. Great design comes from iteration and you are skilled at soliciting the feedback and pushing your work forward.
  • If you are able to write HTML, CSS, javascript and/or ruby, that's a big plus, too.

Drop us a line and say hello. We'd love to see your work and learn more about you.

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